Custom Works

#1 source of scale weathering & more

Who We Are

Multi awarded professional modeler with many trophies from international modelling contests. Sitting at his workbench surrounded by all available tools studying, mixing and choosing the right rusty color from a broad palette of ALL brands. Happy clients enjoy everything from gloss Moto GP bike to heavy battle weathering of sci-fi machine. His love – american cars in 1/24-1/10. 

Modeller and artist. Always working on a creative project. As a prop maker worked on many movies and television projects. Even the Cannes Film Festival nominated one! Won many Masters awards with his models and dioramas. With his creative free mind you never know how his current project end up. His main interest – life & universe in any scale. 

What We Do

Models for sale

We build models. We enjoy models. Hobby saves our souls. We build more than our customers want. But as it is an expensive and time consuming hobby and we are professionals we always have some models for sale. Please check our For Sale section for current offers.

Custom build service

Do you like our work? Do you want to order something like what you see but custom tailored to fit your taste? Do you have some exact car, structure or any other other weathered item in your mind? Are you a fan of some sci-fi movie? Please contact us. Please keep in mind our art is not limited to cars.

Having fun

Our art is about but not limited to the cars. Whether it is an old american car or newest model cell phone case we make it with passion, beer and a lot of fun doing it. If you need to replicate your fathers car or build big scale wild west diorama for your museum we are here for you.

and much more...